What My 3 Year Old is Wearing this Late Winter/Early Spring

I have been working on this series for the last two weeks. I always have so much fun doing this. Especially with this cutie pie, who still lets me dress her like a doll, and who has the relaxed temperament you need for photo shoots. I hope you love it as much as I do…

Here we go:

1. Outfit number 1

outfit no 1.jpg

Blouse: thrifted but originally from the Gap

Pants: Old Navy

Unicorn: from her friend

2. Outfit number 2

outfit no 2.jpgDress: the Gap

Tights: Stride Rite

Black top: hand me down from the older sisters

Monchichi: bought in Germany but available on Amazon

3. Outfit number 3

outfit no 3.jpgBlouse: H&M, hand me down from bigger sister

Pants: the Gap

4. Outfit number 4. Here is what happens when daddy gets involved. Nobody gets her exited and laughing like her dad (well other than maybe her 9 year old brother).

outfit no 4.jpgDress: thrifted, Carters

Tights: Stride Rite

White Top: the Gap

Winnie the Pooh Teddy Bear: from a dear friend of mine who is no longer with us

I should have a couple more outfits soon. Here are my posts from last year: Spring 1 and Spring 2, and Fall . You’ll notice that we are getting as much mileage out of the yellow jeans as we can.

Have a great day,


What My 3 Year Old is Wearing this Late Winter/Early Spring

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