Meet Fuzzy, the Monchichi. Do you ever relive your childhood through your children? I certainly do. Boxes and boxes of Playmobil, Barbies (I don’t like to admit to those very often), and Pippi Longstocking movies are all proof of that. And then I came upon a whole section of Monchichi paraphernalia at the toy store on my last trip to Germany. Did you have one of these adorable, cuddly dolls from Japan when you were a child? My sister was with me and she had to laugh while I was piling the dolls in my shopping cart for my girls. She has two boys so she can’t indulge in nostalgia with me when it comes to girl toys. Never mind that my girls hardly play with their Monchichis, except for my youngest (see above). I’m convinced that their childhood is complete now. Well, not quite yet. They are still missing the wooden grocery store and the puppet theater.

You can buy Monchichi on Amazon (of course) but I found them to be cheaper in Germany. If you happen to go there…Or you can place an order with me next time I go.

How about you? What was your favorite toy growing up? Do you tend to buy toys you like or do you stick to what your children like? And do you have any friends who’s taste in toys you admire? I have a neighbor whose play room is just a dream come true, with the wooden kitchen and the reading nook, and at one point she even owned a puppet theatre.

Have a wonderful weekend,



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