The 200th Post


Today is my 200th post! Wow, I thought I would have run out of ideas by now. But when you post about life, children’s fashion, travel, and school there is always new material. And you guys keep encouraging me, always on days when I really need it.

I have gotten over 7,000 views since I started. What really makes me happy is that this blog is truly international just like I hoped it would be. The top 5 countries who view this blog are:

1. The US

2. Germany (Vielen Dank, dass ihr euch die Muehe macht, Englisch zu lesen!)

3. United Kingdom

4. Canada (hello Kate!!)

5. Turkey

Here are my top 5 posts.

Here are the blogs that inspire me:

Design Mom


Porridge with Milk

Flannery O’kafka


Dreamy Whites

I encourage you to check them out!

Thank you for your support,




The 200th Post

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