This is a new to me children’s designer from Holland. I like how they combine Scandinavian folklore with neon and bright checkers. It all works together.

1235987_434926803295483_1694443456_n 8558_434926213295542_82082197_n 66943_434926629962167_1102454671_n 1240028_434926663295497_501313869_n 1184991_434926693295494_1110083462_n 8558_434926726628824_536472094_n 1174689_434926773295486_1678699865_nReminds me a lot of Oilily. The grey hoodie with the tassels would look so cute on my 5 year old.

Have a colorful day,



5 thoughts on “Mim-Pi

  1. Sarah says:

    Hi Sofija!

    I love Scandinavian children’s clothing styles too. One of my favorite looks.

    I LOVE bikes and I have that same feeling as soon as fall weather happens. See my bikes page on Pinterest:

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