Free Learning


Wow, we are already half way through the school year, and learning at our house is back in full swing. I want to be more committed to learning myself and take advantage of some of the free online courses available. And I think they are an incredible resource for home-schooling, as well. In the past I have considered a Harvard history course for my high-schooler. We use Khan Academy if my kids don’t understand a certain math concept or need a refresher. I use Live Mocha for language learning.

I found an article “12 Dozen Placed to Educate Yourself Online for Free” that is a great resource when looking for a particular course or topic. I will be using this for reference in the future. I hope it will help you, too.

Happy learning everybody,




Free Learning

One thought on “Free Learning

  1. Inna says:

    Hi, My name is Inna and I am really enjoying your blog. God bless your family. Love and peace. I am hoping to home school my kids, but not sure how it can be possible in Turkey. We are from UK, and will be moving to Istanbul in one month time. My son and daughter are UK and Turkey citizens, even though that in UK homeschooling is easy I have no clue how to avoid the system in Turkey. I really hope you can give an advice on what to do. On Internet there is no information at all. Very frustrating.

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