Valentine’s Photo Shoot


It is February (thank God, January is my least favorite month) and some of you may be thinking of Valentines day. Do you celebrate it? My husband and I don’t really but for our kids it is a big deal.

Last year Emily and  I did a Valentines photo shoot. I wanted to share it with you again in case some of you missed it. And because it was so cute and I wanted to feature it again on my blog.

lonelymountainphotography-valentines, 2lonelymountainphotography-valentines,3lonelymountainphotography-valentines,4lonelymountainphotography-valentines,5

My sweet mother-in-law had send us a Valentines package with matching blouses for the girls, so I asked them to join us.

lonelymountainphotography-valentines, 6lonelymountainphotography-valentines,6lonelymountainphotography-valentines,7lonelymountainphotography-valentines, 8

Blanket: Ikea

Heart shaped light: Ikea (bought several years ago)

Balloons and xo banner: from the dollar section at Target

Tasha’s dress: Gap

Ella and Lucy’s blouses: Target

Ella’s leggings: Target

Have a lovely day,


Photography by Emily Mulder.

Art direction by Sofija Burton

Valentine’s Photo Shoot

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