August is the New January

How have you been? How is your summer going? Ours was pretty great and I can’t believe it is almost over. It’s been rather quiet on my end. Lots of reasons but a major one is that I started watching a baby. I’m really enjoying the little guy. I get my baby fix and a little extra income. But it also reassures me that our family is complete, and that I like having my youngest out of diapers.
Every year it occurs to me that for mothers of school aged children August is really like January. This is when my new year starts. Where I make major decisions of where to volunteer, what organizations to be involved in, what my kids are learning, how much time I have for exercise, and so forth. Come January I’m actually mid-year and not much changes. I even do all my decluttering in August.
This August some major changes are happening for me. Do you like changes? I do. I kind of got accustomed to moving every few years, and since we are not moving, change is the next best thing. One change is watching the baby (he was scheduled to be with us in August, but since he was a preemie we got him earlier). The other change is my 13 year old deciding to go to a brick and mortar school. She has been schooling at home all her life, but started asking about going to a school for a while now. After a year I decided to take her serious, and since our local middle school is one of the worst in the city, we looked at charter schools. We found one with an emphasis on media and arts and hope that it is a good fit for her. I will still be teaching the younger ones.
Now that I will be making school runs and watching the baby, this blog will be less of a focus for me. You might have noticed that I have gone from 3-4 posts a week to 1-2 posts. I decided that I should focus more on quality rather than quantity. And I will keep doing that and see how it goes.
Thank you to my faithful readers for sticking with me. I know you have a lot of other fantastic options. Your encouragement means a lot to me.

August is the New January

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