Flannery O’Kafka for Young Soles


I’m a huge fan of Flannery O’Kafka and her latest work for the British shoe company Young Soles just added to my enthusiasm. Take a look.

1496395_184181688443591_91467467_o 1500939_188464671348626_1736808159_o 1415497_179393918922368_1660381949_o 1266684_166739190187841_1324707018_o 1537526_195232934005133_776457051_o1490933_180778572117236_2000856800_o

I love the Barber Shop location! And I love when her children model for a shoot (her youngest in the first picture, and her son in the third and last picture).

These well made leather shoes resonate with me. Germans are convinced that well made shoes are essential to a child’s development, and they are willing to pay money for them. My mom has sent me high quality shoes for most of my children when they were toddlers: flexible, durable, and made with breathable leather. I really appreciated that especially since I never had the money to buy good shoes.

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You can find a post I did on the photographer last year here.

All pictures by Flannery O’Kakfa for Young Soles, used with permission.


Flannery O’Kafka for Young Soles

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