Madrid, New Mexico

Between Santa Fe and Albuquerque (when you take Highway 14 through the mountains) there is a fun little mining town called Madrid. It seems to be populated with Hippies and artists. There are galleries, coffee shops, little trinket stores, and boutiques. The perfect little town to stop, stretch your legs, and get a beverage for the road. Here are some pictures from our recent stop with our friends right after the holidays.

First up, our friends the Hollands, with David and Tasha in the middle. You can see the main road behind them, where most of the shops are.

20140117-093659.jpgThe whole town still decked out in Christmas lights.




This painting is outside of the Tavern where we stopped and ate.


Found this sign inside the Tavern. Luckily Tasha was attended to. 20140117-094151.jpg

Always a delight when cute little Tasha tags along.
If you ever make your way from Santa Fe to Albuquerque, and you are not prone to car sickness, I highly recommend stopping in Madrid.
Have a lovely weekend,

Madrid, New Mexico

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