California Goodness

Got an I pad for Christmas. Yay! The camera is so crisp and clear, I thought I’ll try a little food photography…

20140116-090626 20140116-09061620140116-090635.jpg



My mother in law has sent me these beauties. They grow voluntary and abundantly in California gardens. Don’t ask me what I have gone through to grow a couple of tomatoes in New Mexico…
Have a great day,

California Goodness

3 thoughts on “California Goodness

  1. I love the style of these photos! Really pretty.

    And you’re right — at my mother-in-law’s in California, there are literally paper bags full of gorgeous citrus in the kitchen every winter. I always loved all the attached leaves and twigs. So beautiful! And mmmm nothing tastes like California citrus. (Even living in Florida….nothing tastes like California. :))

    1. Thank you, Gina! California oranges are better than Florida ones? That surprised me.I always assumed Florida’s are the best. Learn something new every day…now I’m going to want to compare the two.

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