Thankful for This Week


It has been one of those epic weeks for me, the kind that couldn’t be possible more full and packed with all sorts of goodness. Not the kind where you get any school done worth mentioning, but a whole lot of life, which is just as important.

Monday I organized a Operation Christmas Child shoe box packing party for our local American Heritage Girls (a Christian version of Girl Scouts) group. I have been in charge of organizing this for several years now. I enjoy it immensely, but it does take a certain amount of planning on my part. This year we packed 45 boxes, more than the last two years. Very happy about that.

On Tuesday I finally finished creating a Facebook page for this blog. I have been wanting to do that for a while, so this was a welcome accomplishment for me. After I did the recent photo shoot with my friend Emily, I finally felt like I had pictures that communicate what I want for my blog and Facebook page. Thank you Emily for realizing my vision!

On Wednesday I woke up to a the news that a longtime friend was coming through town that day. I hadn’t seen her in 12 years!! I got to see her for about an hour; she was making her way to Phoenix to sell at a craft show. She brought a friend, and another friend who lives in town joined us, so the four of us had a great time catching up over a cup of tea.

On Thursday I took my oldest daughter to the orthodontist. We are now entering the world of braces and navigating how to do it in the best possible way financially. I went for a consultation and the news was not good. However one bit of positive news was that we won’t be starting treatment next year, and by waiting hopefully some things will straighten out. That is what I am praying for anyway. 🙂

So on this Friday I am thankful for living right by one of the biggest highways in the US, which has enabled me to see several dear friends passing through.

And I am thankful that we have access to the best dental care possible.

Now I am looking for my husband coming home from a work trip and doing absolutely nothing tomorrow.

Have a great weekend!


Thankful for This Week

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