Kids on the Moon Fall/Winter 2013

The more I get into children’s fashion, the more I find myself gravitating towards Polish designers. They seem to design with children’s needs for comfort and play in mind. Kids on the Moon is a company based in Warsaw. Take a look.

902654_470475423067651_758453030_o 1273781_446645775450616_331202456_o 1273973_446645778783949_655639883_o 1264001_446645632117297_65820520_o Kids-on-The-Moon-winter-2013So dreamy! Perfect for a lazy Saturday…The cloud sweater with the tutu is my favorite outfit. My daughters are really sensitive to seams and restrictive clothing; I appreciate when companies design comfortable and loose pieces.

Have a wonderful day,


All pictures taken by Dzienis Przemek for Kids on the Moon


Kids on the Moon Fall/Winter 2013

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