Sculptor Allison Street

Allison Street Sculptor
Photo by Renee Street/Domus Aurea Photography

I would like to introduce you my friend, Allison Street. Not only is she a busy mom of 5, who educates her children at home, she is also a talented sculptor. What I love about her art is that she uses her classical training to wrestle with difficult modern issues such as Aids, or the war in Afghanistan. Some of her work displays heart break, yet there is always tenderness and hope. Allison, as she states on her blog, seeks to achieve a balance between the communication of truth, personal expression and the celebration of beauty.

Beside the Still Waters
Wartime Pieta, a Sudanese mother holding her dead child.
Be Warmed be Filled, an Afghan mother and her child, displaced as the result of war.


Crossroads, Saul on the Road to Damascus

Allison’s sculptures are made of bronze, are 18 to 31 inches tall, and weigh about 20 lbs. Her skill, combined with her subject matter makes her a powerful contributor to the Christian art world. I hope to own the Afghan woman sculpture one day….


You can find her recent interview with Wold Magazine here.

All photos of the sculptures taken by Allison Street. Image of the artist taken by Domus Aurea Photography. For pricing contact the artist here.

Sculptor Allison Street

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