every once in a while I like to do a post with recent Instagrams I took. A peek into our photo album if you will.

First is a typical New Mexico gate or door. I took it while taking a walk when I was waiting for my kids to be done with piano lessons. This was right before I was accosted by some neighborhood dogs (this is in the mountains of New Mexico).

IMG_1361Another snapshot from my walk.


Our back yard. IMG_1378

Tasha today chilling on the couch while watching a show.IMG_1374

I hope you had a good week. Mine was up and down. The hubby was gone,  the weather cold and windy, the hormones whacked out, who knows? But today was a great day, hubby is back, the weather is great, and I took the girls shopping! Grateful to love the one God who gives us new start every day.

Have a wonderful weekend!



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