A Dreamy Home-school/Kid’s Play/Office Room

Katy Regnier featured on Design Mom


We use our formal living room as a library/home-school room/play room. I’m always thinking about how I could improve it, adding desk space for example. Here is a great example of a cohesive looking work and play room that would also work well for home-schooling.

Katy Regnier on Design Mom 2Katie Regnier on Design Mom 3Katie Regnier on Design Mom 4

I like how bright and colorful it is. Lot’s of storage cubbies, and lots of desk space. And how about the clothing line to hang art and projects? This room invites creativity and hard work.


How about you, do you have a designated home-school room? Or a craft room? I personally am thrilled about the trend of giving up the formal living and turning it into a room to create.

Have a lovely day,


All pictures found via Design Mom. You can find the entire house tour of this lovely home here.



A Dreamy Home-school/Kid’s Play/Office Room

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