One Photo 6 Different Ways


Do you like playing around with photo editors and filters? The photo above featuring me, the husband, and our youngest  is pretty close to its original. I imagine Emily, who took and edited the picture, doctored it up a bit. She might have enhanced some colors like the reds and the browns. She is also really good at adding textures, which I know nothing about. While she uses a professional editor there are also cheap and easy ways to edit your pictures. Below are six different versions of the same picture.

First is the picture in sepia tones.


Next is one of my favorites, good old black and white. i-nWrNHJL-LTo get the dreamy look I added brightness to the photo using the online and free PicMonkey photo editor. i-Vj42pBG-L

Next i softened the photo and added a black border also using PicMonkey.


For a vintage look I applied a filter called 1974 using the Camera Bag photo editor.


Lastly I added multiple filters again using Camera Bag. Here I combined the filters Helga, 1974, and Instant.


Which version is your favorite? Do you have a go to photo editor?

Have a great day taking pictures!


P.S. Who noticed that I actually used two different pictures?


One Photo 6 Different Ways

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