Happy Memorial Day!

Are you enjoying this long weekend? Any big plans for today? We got to visit with dear friends yesterday, but today is all business. My kids are doing school today. We trying to get ahead so we can take time off in October for a family trip.

Organization is on my mind. We spend Saturday going through piles of toys and clothes and organizing them into rubber maids. Rubber maids have got to be the cheapest way to make a closet look organized. Thanks to my husband, who has some crazy organization skills, we transformed two rooms that have been overflowing with toys, junk, and random plastic things, into serene spaces. It has taken a weight off my shoulders to say the least.

However we are not done. I have several boxes with school books I would like to put into a bookcase. Here are some favorites I wanted to share with you. Lately I have been drawn to the lawyer bookcase look and library style bookcases. I paired expensive ones with cheaper ones in each row.

Top row: I like the glass doors on these, no more dusting. The left one is from IKEA and costs $135, the right on is from Crate and Barell $349.

Middle row: The left one is from World Market and costs around $600. The one on the right is from Sundance costs $1,895.

Bottom row: I saw the one on the left at Costco for under $200. The one on the right is from Pottery Barn and costs $1,199.

It would be so great to have all my school books so easily accessible.

I have to wrap it up, my 8 year old has been waiting to get on the computer to play his game.

See you back here soon,



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