Olive Juice Kids


I’m really liking the fall collections I have seen for children and adults. There are some years it is very easy not to spend any money on clothes, but this year make me wish we had a two-income household.

I have mentioned my preference for colorful, mismatched clothes. However when I’m in the mood for matching and preppy I turn to Olive Juice Kids.

I like the ruffles, and collars. And the disheveled hair.  I think this collection is great for family portraits or Christmas cards, because it is timeless.

What do you think? Too preppy? They don’t have much for boys, and for some reason they have left out the baby collection for the fall. Maybe they will add that later.

It’s 8 clock, time to turn my attention to school. My 11 year old has already done her Latin and Literature, but my 14 year old is barely awake.

I’ll see you back here soon,


Olive Juice Kids

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