First Day Of School


thanks for stopping by. This blog is such a great outlet for me, and it is even better when I can share it with you.

Are you exited about school starting? I am. Though I’m not sending my kids off to school, cause they are right here with me. I am exited about getting  back into a new routine. I like to dress nice for the first day of school, make it special. Here is my inspiration for my back to school outfit:

How about you, do you have a first day of school outfit in mind? If you are not teaching, how about a favorite fall outfit?



I found all pictures except for the 4th one on Jen McCabe’s blog Honey Kennedy.

Top three pictures are by the A/W 2011 Colemino spring collection by the designer Aya Nakagawa.

Bottom picture is by the A/W 2012 collection by Mes Dames. Photography by Anna Malmberg

First Day Of School

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