City Swim Meet

How was your weekend? Did you watch any of the Olympic events? Did you witness the South African runner compete with two amputated legs? If that wasn’t inspiring, I don’t know what is… And how about the 37 year old gymnast competing and winning a medal?

We had our own mini Olympics here in Albuquerque. Every year the city offers two months of daily swimming with swim meets on the weekend. At the end of the summer kids can try out for city. The top 18 in every event get to compete in the city meet. After three years of trying my 11 year old daughter made it in. The energy was great. Maybe because of the Olympics, maybe it is always like that. I do have a new appreciation for parents of Olympic athletes. I found two Saturdays in a row a bit much.How about doing it week, after week, year after year….I vote for parents getting medals!

Here we are celebrating at California Kitchen.

By the way, she placed 5th in the 50 m breast stroke, and she swam 4 seconds faster than last week. So proud of her!

Have a great day,


City Swim Meet

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