Slow Travel: Taking the Scenic Road to Santa Fe

This is my favorite drive in New Mexico. If you are coming from Albuquerque, take I-40 East. Take the Cedar Crest exit, heading north on Highway 14. It takes you through Golden, New Mexico, where I usually stop at a cute little Catholic Church to take pictures. The gate was closed and the kids were freezing, so we didn’t stay long.

IMG_0092 IMG_0093 IMG_0087IMG_0110IMG_0128IMG_0142


Another great stop is Madrid, a little Hippie Town, with cute little shops and more affordable art galleries.

If you are coming from Santa Fe, going south on I-25 take the Cerrillos exit.

Here are some more pictures of the church in the summer.

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3rd picture from the top taken by Lucille Burton. 4th from top taken by David Burton. All others taken by Sofija Burton.



Winter in my Backyard


Here are some pictures I took in my backyard the other day after it snowed. So beautiful…

IMG_0075 IMG_0070 IMG_0072 IMG_0076Our house backs up to open space. Love the view and thank God that I get to live here…

You haven’t heard from me because I have been busy taking care of my husband. A week before Christmas he slipped on some ice while cycling to work. He ended up needing hip surgery the same day. I picked him up where he fell and took him to the nearest ER. They took him from there to the hospital downtown in an ambulance. It was the first time in our marriage that he was hospitalized. Surgery was around 9pm but he didn’t come to till close to midnight. I remember driving home after midnight in a daze. The whole experience kind of left me traumatized. His recovery is going well, there have been no setbacks. Still it has messed with my sense of security and it was hard managing his recovery, Christmas preparations, and sick children at home. My oldest son Finn really held the home front together that week. He juggled school projects, finals, and sick siblings beautifully, I am so grateful for him. And to friends who brought meals, helped with driving Esther to school, etc.

Now that he is getting better I am starting to make plans for this year. I don’t really make New Year’s resolutions, I just make travel plans. Or plans for visitors, which is just as exiting for me. How about you, any exiting plans for this year? I know some of you have been to Hawaii, Texas, snowy Michigan, sunny Arizona, skiing in Austria, and other places. I love following your adventures!! And some of you had stressful situations like a house fire, loosing a relative, or caring for sick loved ones.  I feel for you!

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P.S. On a lighter note: the kids love having their dad around teaching them, and they are wondering if I could go to work, so he could stay home…




14 Days Till Christmas

Every year we read the story about how Jesus came to this earth. To me that is the most important reason to celebrate Christmas. God coming to this earth to be among us, think about that…and coming into such humble surroundings, so that a lot of people in this world can relate to him. It looks so romantic, born in a stable, laying on hay, nestled among animals. Actually it’s not! It’s quite loud and itchy and scratchy…I once spend a night in a stable while bike riding through Ireland. I was a teenager and didn’t have enough money to even stay in Youth Hostels. So me and my best friend knocked on the incredibly friendly Irish people’s doors and asked if we could sleep on their porches. One person had a stable he offered us instead. We thought, why not, if Jesus could do it, so could we. It would be an incredible spiritual experience. Well, where there are animals, there are pesky flies and flees, or whatever makes you itchy. The straw is nowhere near soft, either. The whole place stinks. And animals wake up bright and early and get really noisy. It was a really bad night! But I cherish the memory and the reminder that Jesus truly dwelled among us.


19 Days…

Top: Target
Bottoms: Target

Today is St. Nicholas day, the anticipation in our house is quite high. Add to that get togethers with dear friends, buying and decorating the tree, and this weekend might well be bigger for us than actual Christmas…well, maybe not, but it sure is a fun thing to look forward to.
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