Good-bye Summer!

“Aah, summer-that long anticipated stretch of lazy, lingering days, free of responsibility and rife with possibility. It’s a time to hunt for insects, master handstands, practice swimming strokes, conquer trees, explore nooks and crannies, and make new friends.”
Darell Hammond

Well friends, summer is over, at least for us. School starts tomorrow for my two oldest. Need to get myself in high gear preparing the next school year for my three middle kids. I know, I am über prepared as usual…But I feel ready to leave this beautiful summer behind and start a new routine. At least right now, ask me in a week or two, or the week my husband will be on travel. By then I will probably be ready for my middle schooler to walk herself to school, barefoot and backwards, like we used to do, right?!
How about you, is your summer still in full swing, or almost over, or even worse “what summer are you talking about!”? Interesting tidbit of information: my German nephews are just now starting their 6 week summer vacation! Say, what?
Have a lovely day,

P.S. I found the quote above in a random place on the internet. I used it because it described so well how our summer went. I sure hope Mr. Hammond is a nice person, worthy of being quoted…

Misha Lulu Fall 14

I have featured Misha and Lulu here before, and I couldn’t wait to show you this year’s fall collection. The spy themed photo shoot by Jessie Kenney and Heather Rome turned out great. Take a look.


Snapshot Sweater


tumblr_n9czo5P5En1shxcp0o1_1280 tumblr_n9czk9qJqS1shxcp0o1_1280

Watson Cape

Watson Cape


Watson Girl

Watson Girl

Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew

Sherlock Girl

Sherlock Girl

My 10 and 8 year old are always spying on each other, so this is the perfect theme for us. I’d love to own the Sherlock cape or Nancy Drew dress. The Snapshot sweater on top would work for boy or girl. I’m loving the creative combination of Peter Pan collars, plaid, and Hello Kitty.

Have a great day,


All pictures by Jessie Kenney

Styling by Heather Rome

August is the New January

How have you been? How is your summer going? Ours was pretty great and I can’t believe it is almost over. It’s been rather quiet on my end. Lots of reasons but a major one is that I started watching a baby. I’m really enjoying the little guy. I get my baby fix and a little extra income. But it also reassures me that our family is complete, and that I like having my youngest out of diapers.
Every year it occurs to me that for mothers of school aged children August is really like January. This is when my new year starts. Where I make major decisions of where to volunteer, what organizations to be involved in, what my kids are learning, how much time I have for exercise, and so forth. Come January I’m actually mid-year and not much changes. I even do all my decluttering in August.
This August some major changes are happening for me. Do you like changes? I do. I kind of got accustomed to moving every few years, and since we are not moving, change is the next best thing. One change is watching the baby (he was scheduled to be with us in August, but since he was a preemie we got him earlier). The other change is my 13 year old deciding to go to a brick and mortar school. She has been schooling at home all her life, but started asking about going to a school for a while now. After a year I decided to take her serious, and since our local middle school is one of the worst in the city, we looked at charter schools. We found one with an emphasis on media and arts and hope that it is a good fit for her. I will still be teaching the younger ones.
Now that I will be making school runs and watching the baby, this blog will be less of a focus for me. You might have noticed that I have gone from 3-4 posts a week to 1-2 posts. I decided that I should focus more on quality rather than quantity. And I will keep doing that and see how it goes.
Thank you to my faithful readers for sticking with me. I know you have a lot of other fantastic options. Your encouragement means a lot to me.



I would like you to meet Shane, my 10 year old. He is the last person of our family you will meet, if you meet him at all. As my life is filled with a lot of high maintenance, strong willed, chatty girls, I truly enjoy this one in all his boyness! Lizard catching, puddle jumping, spying, bike jumping, or lazily lounging around reading Calvin and Hobbes. His life is so amazingly simple, I envy him. All he needs is milk, legos, Minecraft, and his two best friends. His life revolves around a 1 mile radius. The grocery store to the west and  to the east open space with a creek and hiking trails. You will hardly ever see him on my blog or in my Instagram feed. He has no need to be known or liked. But I want you to know he exists. So content it hurts. He fills my life with adventure and silliness. And he keeps me restocking the bandage supplies. I mourn the day he grows and stops playing. The day when I am no longer the most important person in his life. So I write this to freeze time. To capture the memories and lock them in a safe place. For him and myself as he has expressed worry about the day he no longer wants to play.

Lately he has been entertaining the idea of visiting his grandparents in California. He has been told the cuisine would be bland and predictable (as he prefers it) and there would be frequent trips to the Lego store.


Picture taken by Emily

Tip Toey Joey

As the World Cup just ended (hurray for Germany!) I thought it would be fun to introduce you to Tip Toey Joey, who did their beautiful product shoot in Rio. The shoe company was created by an Australian dad and a Brazilian mom, who just couldn’t find the quality shoes their were looking for their daughter. Take a look.


babies dongy

fringey sambaky1 sambaky fringey1 mask funky1  I would like one of each, please size 8. Especially the fringe sandals, and the striped Mary Janes. And Rio has been added to my list of places to go.

Have a lovely day,


All pictures by Tip Toey Joey




Bethesda Row

When we visited DC we stayed in Bethesda, a northeast suburb. Our hotel was within walking distance to Bethesda Row, a popular place to eat and shop. What is more, it was within walking distance to DC Cupcakes! I went two times: the first time for us, the second time to bring lots of cup cakes home for the kiddos and our friends.

IMG_1005 IMG_0790 IMG_0791 IMG_0793

This is me grinning from ear to ear.IMG_0796

Here are some pictures of other places on Bethesda Row, quite the place to see and be seen. Going there on a Friday night, I felt completely underdressed. I forgot that East Cost people dress better.

The Paper Source. I went there to see if I could find a card for my friend’s wedding, but decided I liked the one I designed better. Still, this was my first visit to the Paper Source, and I could have spend hours here.

IMG_0787 IMG_0806 IMG_0814 IMG_0815 IMG_0813 IMG_0816



Where you get yummy Gelato.IMG_0805 IMG_0799Where I went to my first Drybar. A drybar does only shampoos and blowouts, no cuts or dying. The hair style lasted me for two days. And even now I feel like my hair styles better. Even though I didn’t quiet fit in with the clientele, I had a great time, as my stylist was the manager, and she was pretty fun and easy to talk to.



Where we went for coffee every morning: Quatermaine Coffee. The service wasn’t all that exceptional, but the coffee was good. Seriously, I loved staying so close and being able to walk to get my coffee…

IMG_0982 IMG_0983The last one was a fun surprise. It was on Sunday night, the husband was watching the US soccer game at a pub, and me and the girls were getting hungry. I remembered seeing a Tapas restaurant close to the hotel. I have been wanting to try one ever since I saw a Ricks Steve’s episode of Barcelona or Madrid I can’t remember. Anyway, it’s a thing you do in Spain, eat your way through Tapas bars…Little did I know that this one was started by chef José Andrés, in fact this one is the very first Tapas bar opened in the US!


My daughter’s friend got some chicken fritters (croquetas de pollos) served in a glass shoe. This was probably the most kid friendly dish.


My daughter tried this salad (pictured below). Looks better than it tasted. She was a trooper and ate it all. I got one of Jose’s creations and it was pretty good. Huevo frito con caviar. A fried organic egg topped with white sturgeon caviar. I highly recommend it. Sorry, I don’t have a picture to show.


All tapas plates are small in size. The idea is that you try a variety of dishes. However with our plates ranging from $8-16 we called it good and shared one dessert. It tasted as good as it looks.

IMG_0973 IMG_0977


Have you been to a Tapas restaurant? Or tried DC cupcakes? Are food places on your must see list when you visit a new city? I have a list of places to try next time I go to California…

Have a great day,





Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day to my American friends!
Having just been to the city where a lot of history is documented, this holiday takes on a whole new meaning. For me, as a fairly new citizen (maybe 15 years?), it was so exiting and fascinating to see all the monuments, the history they present, and the present seat of power.
Have a lovely weekend,

Biking Through the National Mall in DC

If you have been to DC you know that, even though a lot of the tourist spots are in one area, there is a lot of walking involved. I mean a LOT of walking. Especially if you plan on seeing the White House and all the monuments and memorials in one day, as we decided to do. So when friends told us about Capital Bikeshare, we jumped on it. The idea is that you can pick up a bike at any given station, use it for how ever long you need it, and then drop it off at your station of choice. Renting a bike for one day is $7, but we decided to go with option of renting the bikes for free, as long as you check them in every half an hour. Not sure if I would do that again, since it is quite a headache keeping track of the time, and figuring out which station is the closest and has enough open slots (we had four bikes). My husband downloaded the Spotcycle App, which helps you find docking stations and shows how many bikes there are.He did an amazing job navigating. Here he is checking out the bikes near the Metro Center station.



From here we rode our bikes to the White House. This was the scariest part as we were driving on the streets. Once we got to the White House we mostly rode on bike paths in the parks under shaded trees.

Next is the Washington Monument.


From there we rode to the World War II monument. Built more recently in 2004 I didn’t even know it existed. I really liked lingering there by the fountain. You have a great view of both the Washington and Lincoln memorials.



But my favorite was the Lincoln Memorial. The statue is just so impressive. And you have a great view from the top.






Next we went to the Vietnam Memorial, the most sobering of all the ones I have seen. It was a wall full with inscribed names of soldiers who lost their lives. You walk alongside the wall and read the names. I didn’t take pictures here, because it felt disrespectful.
From there we went to the Roosevelt Memorial. A totally different experience. You walk along this path with quotes and water falls, all very secluded and quiet.




Lastly we went to the Jefferson Memorial. A lot like the Lincoln.


By then we had biking and touring for over three hours in 80 F plus humidity, and we had checked our bikes in and out 9 times. I was done!
I was glad we had our 13 year old and her friend with us (who did great), and no younger children.

All in all it was a great way experience. Like I mentioned earlier the only thing I would do different is paying the $7 for the whole day and not worry about the half hour limit.

Washington DC

My next few posts will be all about DC and the surrounding area. You are either going to love it or get really tired of it.

This post is for all you history buffs. Lets see if you recognize all of these buildings without looking at the bottom. I had to ask the name of the first building myself.


IMG_9310 IMG_9308 2.

IMG_9314 IMG_9318 IMG_9317 IMG_9319


IMG_9322 IMG_9327

And the last one is pretty self evident, number 4. However, do you know which is the front and which is the back?

IMG_9194 IMG_9331Seeing the pictures together it is probably more obvious. But when we came to the White House on Sunday, we came to the back and wondered why we couldn’t get closer. The next day our GPS directed us to the front, where the gate is much closer. Here are some pictures of Pennsylvania avenue and nearby.

IMG_9335IMG_9332IMG_9337 IMG_9340


We did this tour the lazy way. David drove the car from building to building and circled around until I was done taking pictures.

Lets see if you guessed right:

1. Library of Congress

2. U.S. Capitol

3. Supreme Court

4. White House