14 Days Till Christmas

Every year we read the story about how Jesus came to this earth. To me that is the most important reason to celebrate Christmas. God coming to this earth to be among us, think about that…and coming into such humble surroundings, so that a lot of people in this world can relate to him. It looks so romantic, born in a stable, laying on hay, nestled among animals. Actually it’s not! It’s quite loud and itchy and scratchy…I once spend a night in a stable while bike riding through Ireland. I was a teenager and didn’t have enough money to even stay in Youth Hostels. So me and my best friend knocked on the incredibly friendly Irish people’s doors and asked if we could sleep on their porches. One person had a stable he offered us instead. We thought, why not, if Jesus could do it, so could we. It would be an incredible spiritual experience. Well, where there are animals, there are pesky flies and flees, or whatever makes you itchy. The straw is nowhere near soft, either. The whole place stinks. And animals wake up bright and early and get really noisy. It was a really bad night! But I cherish the memory and the reminder that Jesus truly dwelled among us.


19 Days…

Top: Target
Bottoms: Target

Today is St. Nicholas day, the anticipation in our house is quite high. Add to that get togethers with dear friends, buying and decorating the tree, and this weekend might well be bigger for us than actual Christmas…well, maybe not, but it sure is a fun thing to look forward to.
Have a lovely weekend,

20 Days…

When I decided to do this Christmas countdown photo series I originally planned to use Ella (above) as my only model. Her range of expressions is pretty impressive. She can be goofy, surprised, bored, all on command. She always seems to know what emotion I am looking for at the moment. It is so fun working with her.
Have a lovely day,

21 Days…

Are you baking yet? Writing Christmas cards? I am one of those rare people who still writes hand written Christmas cards. Yes baby, all by hand, with a personal message. Mostly to my family and friends back in the old country. Everybody here is up to date, thanks to Facebook and Instagram. I have tried to stop writing handwritten cards, especially since my handwriting is for the most part undecipherable (ask my husband), but I can’t. There is just something so personal about that, someone taking the time to put ink to paper, smudges and all, and no autocorrect. I have been using a lot of whiteout…but aren’t those cards and letters a beautiful thing to hang on to? You can stack them up and put a ribbon around them and hold on to them forever. Not something I would do with e-mail messages…
Have a wonderful day,

Countdown Till Christmas

24 days


How was your Thanksgiving? Ours was nice and kind of quiet, “just” the 8 of us, which I realize is the size of some extended families…

I woke up this morning and realized it is December 1st already! Wow! One of my favorite traditions growing up in Germany is the observance of Advent. Counting the 24 days till Christmas (German celebrate Christmas on the 24th) was a big deal and always involved lighting of candles, singing carols, and lots of chocolate along the way. This year I would like to do a countdown on this blog featuring most of my children. I will regularly (but probably not daily) post pictures of them with a sign telling you how many days till Christmas.

I hope you will enjoy it.


In case you are curious what my other favorite German Christmas tradition are.