Cancun Impressions


we celebrated our 20th anniversary in Cancun last week. It was our second time kid free for longer than an overnight in 16 years. Hurray for 20 years! We spend three full days lounging at the beach and pool, eating the best Mexican food, and shopping in the markets. One afternoon we took a boat and went snorkeling in a Coral Reef. The beaches are really fantastic, as soft as they look, and the water is pretty warm with calm waves.

IMG_1986IMG_1991cancunIMG_1956 cancun black and white IMG_1988 IMG_1986Now that we are back and it is pretty chilly out I have only my fading tan lines to remind me that this was for real.






How are you recovering from Halloween? Our youngest four are slowly emerging from a candy coma as a result of last night’s neighborhood sugar feast. Thankfully Emily caught a few shots before they headed out to trick or treat. This wasn’t the whole crew, some of their friends weren’t ready yet.


IMG_1927 IMG_1929 IMG_1924 IMG_1931What a fun night! The chicken and little Roo from Winnie the Pooh sure were candy magnets…:)

This was our first Halloween without our two oldest (they went to friend’s houses). Sadly something I will have to get used to, sigh.


All pictures taken by Emily Mulder. Be sure to check out her new blog, where she posts more beautiful pictures.


Halloween Costumes 20014


Three more weeks till Halloween!!! How did this happen so fast?  This year I am hearing a lot of talk amongst my kids and their friends about “candy scoring costumes”.  The conversation seems to have switched from “what do I want to be this year?” to “which costumes score the most candy?”. The general consent is not to dress up as Anna or Elsa, because there will be too many of those, which means less candy. Interesting logic…A lot of energy is spend on talking the youngest into wearing the chicken costume, because we know from experience that costume is way cute and gets LOTS of candy. :)

Here are some cute ones I have been pinning.


The Man With the Yellow Hat




Robin Hood


Little Hobbit

Here is my favorite! For those of you who were born in the 70′s, especially those from Germany, you know who this is…


The Never Ending Story



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The Man With the Yellow Ha:


The Never Ending Story:

Carmen Miranda:

You can click on those pictures to take you to the website. I couldn’t find websites to link to Robin Hood and the little Hobbit.

Raspberry Plum FW 2014

Raspberry Plum is a new brand based in London. However the designer Aleksandra Stasic was born in Serbia, and moved to England as a child. I am eagerly following Eastern European designers, and am always happy when a good one like this arrives on the scene. Raspberry Plum is all about classic design borrowed from the 30′s, 40′s, and 50′s, yet with the modern child in mind. Fabrics are soft and stretchable.

shot_06 shot_10 shot_12 shot_02shot_07shot_09Love the bows and boy scout looking collars. A nice mix of retro and modern, and timeless quality. I’m always a fan of red accessories. Not surprising this line won the Rising Star Award from Bubble London.

Have a great day,


All pictures by Raspberry Plum

What My Three Year Old is wearing this Early Fall 2014

I’m so exited to do another edition of “What My Three Year Old is Wearing”. I’m loving this one largely because during our summer trip to DC I had acces to some stores like Zara and H&M that we don’t have here. Believe me, I scanned every sale rack in those stores.

Outfit number 1: Shane made an appearance for this one, which always gets Tashi in a silly mood.

Fall outfit no 1

Blazer: Target

Pants: Zara

Top: H&M

Shoes: Puma

Outift number 2: I had to bribe her with some ice cream…:) I featured the dress and the pants last spring. As it gets colder I can add long sleeve layers under the dress.
fall outfit no 3Dress: Gap

Pants: Gap

Sandals: Old Navy

Jean Jacket: Old Navy

Outfit number 3: Around here we still have plenty warm days, so this outfit still works.
Fall outfit no.2


Jacket: Old Navy

Dress: H&M

Sandals: Old Navy

Outfit number 4:

outfit no 4Top: (thrifted) the Gap

Capris: (hand me down) Old Navy

Shoes: Puma

Notice there is a cat theme going on here, and this fall we are going monochrome?

I’d like to add here that everyone of these outfits was close to $20. With six kids and the four youngest getting fantastic hand-me-downs from the cousins, my budget for little Tashi is pretty close to zero. Most of my money is spend on the two oldest. However, if I happened to come by a $4 dress at H&M I just can’t resist…

Have a wonderful day,


Styling and photography by Sofija Burton



Bike-In-Coffee along the Bosque Trail in Albuquerque

My favorite place to bike in Albuquerque is the Bosque Trail along the river Rio Grande, as it is the ONLY flat trail around here. 16 miles right by the river. I must add here, you don’t always get a good view of the river, because the area has been left natural and parts of it are wildlife sanctuaries. It is very family friendly, no cars in sight. Though the trail can get packed on the weekend with cyclists, runners, and the occasional inline skater.

IMG_1097 IMG_1098 IMG_0693

What makes this trail even better is the fact that there is a Bike-in-Coffee easily accessible, near the southern end of the trail (Montoya st.) Bike in Coffee is a little trailer that sits on Old Town Farm. Old Town Farm also operates as a horse facility and a produce farm. You can see the stalls behind my husband and the bikes.

IMG_0710 IMG_0698

I’d like to add here that the food coming out of this little trailer is superb. Items on the menu are made with freshly picked ingredients from the farm. We tried the mini quiche and their and the scones, and we kept coming back for more. It was packed with flavor, melt in your mouth kind of food. I read on their website that they offer lunches, too. I can’t even imagine…IMG_0708 IMG_0699

Here is a pump and repair station for your bikes. How cool is that?IMG_1101

There are several places to sit and eat. We sat near the vegetable garden and then later realized that there was a beautiful shaded area.IMG_0704 IMG_1100


Bike in Coffee is open on the weekends and can only be accessed by bicyclist or hikers.  I highly recommend this place for your next bike ride.

Have a great day,



Back to School

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire”

W.B. Yeats

IMG_9537 IMG_9552 IMG_9551 IMG_9553 photo

On Lucy and Ella: white hand me down dresses. For a timeless photo shoot I like to use white dresses.

On Tasha: Mimi and Maggie dress, Old Navy sandals

Chalk board slate:  Hobby Lobby

Globe: personal possession

Banner: handmade

Hair Styling: Esther Burton

Styling and Photography: Sofija Burton