The Island of Cres, Croatia

IMG_3002 (1)

Croatia has many islands which are easily accessible from the mainland. The island of Cres is about a 2 hour boat ride  from Opatija. We docked at Beli, the oldest village on the island, that is also a wildlife sanctuary. The pebble beach was so inviting with blue water so clean and clear, we decided to right there and not hike up 15 min to the village.

IMG_3019 IMG_3051 IMG_3055 IMG_3052 IMG_0555 fish picnic



Rocky sea shores, the smell of salt water, blues skies, the occasional fish (maybe a dolphin?) jumping out of the water. For lunch we had fresh fish, salad, potatoes, and local wine. All that accompanied by our host playing the accordion. Life was pretty near perfection.


All pictures where taken by Sofija Burton with the iPad or Cannon Rebel. Except for the bird pictures, those were taken by Esther Burton. The excursion we took is called Fish Picnic, a really fun experience.

What my 4 Year Old is Wearing this Spring 2015

I have another “what my 4 year old is wearing” post for you! As usual my model was delightfully cute and I hope to keep going as long as she lets me…The first two outfits are for those cooler spring days. Around here it can be snowing one day and 70 the next.

Outfit number 1
spring 2015 outfit 1
Dress: Tea Collection
Jacket: Baby Gap
Heart Tights: the Children’s Place
Shoes: Puma
The dress is a carry over from winter but it is so cute I had to get it into this post. And it works on those colder spring days…same with the tights. I’m now convinced everyone needs a pair of heart tights!

Outfit number 2
spring  2015, outfit 2
Pants: H&M
Top: H&M
Shoes: Naartjie (sadly they closed all their stores in the US)
striped socks: Baby Gap

Outfit number 3
spring 2015 outfit 3
Dress: Tea Collection
Leggins: Tea Collection
Sandals: the Chidlren’s Place
Hat: H&M
Neclace: the Children’s Place
Sunglasses: I can’t remember
This outfit just makes my day…

And outfit number 4:

spring 2015 outfit 4

Dress: Thrifted but originally from Old Navy

Leggins: Tea Collection

Rainbow Sandals: the Children’s Place

Necklace: Dyed Corn from Taos Pueblo

Polaroid Camera: Instax

Sunglasses: I can’t remember

How cool is this Instax camera that my oldest daughter bought for our upcoming trip to Europe! It’s a whole new generation of Polaroids. The size of pictures it produces is smaller and more rectangular than the 70’s version. I like the idea so much that I bought myself 10 sheets, hoping she will let me borrow her camera…

Next time you hear from me I will be posting pictures from Croatia, Bosnia, and hopefully Italy. In the meantime check my Instagram feed (link on the right bar of my blog) for daily updates.

As for the outfits, which one is your favorite?

See you soon,



Spring Break in New Mexico

 How are you doing? Is March really over? Our March was a whirlwind with doctor appointments, another surgery (my son), school testing, a leaky roof, …my head is still spinning. Now we are on spring break and not a day too soon. Usually our spring breaks are pretty awful, windy, and cold. You know those windstorms you have seen in Western movies with tumbleweeds and sand clouds? Yup, those are for real. But this time it’s been quite warm, sunny, and all around pleasant. So I really don’t mind staying home and enjoying this week here.
Above are some pictures from recent outings. So glad our three youngest have decided they like hiking now. And what a pleasant surprise we can actually get on the trail and hiking without turning around for various reasons (like “I forgot to pee”, “I’m too cold”, to name a few). Of course we go nowhere without a five day food supply, but still it’s a huge improvement…
Fun surprise: the middle picture with the cactus was featured by Visit Albuquerque on their website stream.

Have a lovely week and a wonderful Easter!

Winter Wonderland

Last weekend we got the most snow we had in years. The city came to a sort of standstill.


Our property backs up to open space, with a lovely path through cotton wood trees and a small creek that barely ever has water in it. It is kind of magical…

IMG_0256 IMG_0260 winter trees IMG_0290 IMG_0281 IMG_0273 IMG_0280I imagine this is what Narnia might look like, all we need is a lamp post..

Now that we had our snow I look forward to spring.



Benetton Kids SS 15

Spring is coming, don’t despair in this miserable weather. If you have been reading my blog for a while you will know that I am a sucker for Italian photo shoots. Growing up I have spend many summers in that neighborhood, it lets me relive part of my childhood. I also like to highlight brands here that I grew up with and that still deliver year in year out. When I saw Benetton’s 2015 spring collection I had to share.

10955527_10155227984260416_3641369480853843912_n 9c7343b19bd93b7e4c2e5e6c11cdf452 1503569_10155148886060416_16837372371618640_n 1503437_10155174416960416_4336609474477961079_n 864ed13af938ad9e8f275c3b6493e988

How can you go wrong with puppies, vegetables, and scooters? The flower shirt dress and chucks would look so cute on my 4 year old.

Riding a scooter in Italy has been a lifelong dream of mine…

Have a lovely day,




Tasha’s Little Valentine

Here is a new photo shoot I did with my youngest and the baby I watch during the week. Originally I only planned on taking pictures of the baby as a surprise for his mom, but when Tasha got wind of it  she quickly inserted herself. You can tell by the pictures that she thought this should be really her show…:)

IMG_0156 IMG_0160 IMG_0165 tasha n wesley IMG_0178 IMG_0177 IMG_0181On Tasha in the top two pictures: Old Navy dress (old). In the rest of the pictures: Tea dress.

Basket: Target

Cowboy quilt: handmade

Fluffy throw blanket: Costco

Chalk tablet: Hobby Lobby

Panda Bear: old


Happy Valentines Day!





Valentine’s Photo Shoot


It is February (thank God, January is my least favorite month) and some of you may be thinking of Valentines day. Do you celebrate it? My husband and I don’t really but for our kids it is a big deal.

Last year Emily and  I did a Valentines photo shoot. I wanted to share it with you again in case some of you missed it. And because it was so cute and I wanted to feature it again on my blog.

lonelymountainphotography-valentines, 2lonelymountainphotography-valentines,3lonelymountainphotography-valentines,4lonelymountainphotography-valentines,5

My sweet mother-in-law had send us a Valentines package with matching blouses for the girls, so I asked them to join us.

lonelymountainphotography-valentines, 6lonelymountainphotography-valentines,6lonelymountainphotography-valentines,7lonelymountainphotography-valentines, 8

Blanket: Ikea

Heart shaped light: Ikea (bought several years ago)

Balloons and xo banner: from the dollar section at Target

Tasha’s dress: Gap

Ella and Lucy’s blouses: Target

Ella’s leggings: Target

Have a lovely day,


Photography by Emily Mulder.

Art direction by Sofija Burton

Slow Travel: Taking the Scenic Road to Santa Fe

This is my favorite drive in New Mexico. If you are coming from Albuquerque, take I-40 East. Take the Cedar Crest exit, heading north on Highway 14. It takes you through Golden, New Mexico, where I usually stop at a cute little Catholic Church to take pictures. The gate was closed and the kids were freezing, so we didn’t stay long.

IMG_0092 IMG_0093 IMG_0087IMG_0110IMG_0128IMG_0142


Another great stop is Madrid, a little Hippie Town, with cute little shops and more affordable art galleries.

If you are coming from Santa Fe, going south on I-25 take the Cerrillos exit.

Here are some more pictures of the church in the summer.

Have a lovely day,


3rd picture from the top taken by Lucille Burton. 4th from top taken by David Burton. All others taken by Sofija Burton.