Goyagoya, a Women’s Designer Store in Frankfurt

On my recent trip to Frankfurt I had  a few new stores on my list to explore. Frankfurt is growing its design scene and exiting stuff is happening. One of the stores on my list was Goyagoya, a women’s clothing design store. I’m happy to tell you, it did not disappoint. Swiss designer Elena Zenora Hock informs her designs from her upbringing in Italy: timeless, elegant, yet whimsical and fun.


I tried the dresses below on to the left. Oh my goodness, the colors were so flattering, and the dress as comfortable as a T-shirt, yet so elegant and tailored. This might have been my first time trying designer clothes for adults (if you have been reading this blog you’ll know I mostly write about children’s designers), and I’m hooked. The quality is just that much better. The dresses pictured were in the $200 range, not exactly in my budget. But there was a huge sale section under $100. My friend ended up getting the cutest skirt, and she wasn’t even shopping that day._mg_6304karsten-und-katharina-2img_6067karsten-und-katharina_mg_6307karsten-und-katharina

My friend bought the grey and white striped skirt pictured above (to the left),  which looked so elegant on her.  I was more drawn to the polk a dot skirts. The staff was so patient and helpful. I really felt at home.

If you are in Frankfurt, do cross the bridge to Sachsenhausen. Brueckenstrasse is right near the bridge Eisener Steg and has several interesting designer stores. You can spend all day there.

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All pictures taken by me with a Canon 5d Mark ll, with a 50mm f/1.2 lens.  


Goyagoya, a Women’s Designer Store in Frankfurt

Edible Works of Art

Instagram foodie Samantha Lee made these works of art to encourage her daughter to eat her food.

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Seriously, what is going to happen when this child encounters a school cafeteria for the first time?! Horror and disgust. Well, she will probably bring a terrific sack lunch.

Sigh, not even these culinary delights would entice my 9 year old picky eater son…But they would totally work on my girls.


Images found via Handmade Charlotte

Edible Works of Art