Having Fun While You Cook

Hello Friends,

Are you ready to face a new week of cooking ,cleaning, laundry, etc.? I don’t know about you but I swing back and forth between wanting to cook a gourmet meal (not that I am able to),  and wanting to just stuff my kid’s faces and call it good.  Cooking can be so rewarding, but it also can be so tedious. Buying a blue Le Creuset pan has helped spice it up a little. Must be the blue color that makes me happy.

How about adding some colorful spoons? Wouldn’t it be so much more fun to cook with these? The right ones are weighted, so the counter doesn’t get messy. Genius!

Happy Cooking!


I’m going on vacation!!

Summer is here!! And for the first time in 12 years (!) I am actually going on a 2 week vacation to Europe (I’m going to pretend my last trip to freezing Germany in January never happened).
A traveler needs a suitcase. I stumbled upon the Container Store’s new line of suitcases. Whatever happened to boring, black, and heavy?? These are so fun. I ended up buying the 360 degree Ricardo (last picture) in grey from Costco, cause they are cheaper and I share with my men, who won’t go for polka dot or orange. Though the orange would have been my pick. Have a look, which one is your favorite?


Fun work spaces

As a home educator I am forever brainstorming how to integrate “my class room” into the rest of the house. How to blend the styles and have them be functional and pretty at the same time. However these ideas work in every home. No matter if you home-school or not learning should be encouraged. Every house should have spaces that encourage creativity, work, and learning. Here are some ideas I found on Pinterest. The first one is my favorite. This is what I envision for my front room. Lots of bookshelves smack full. Two super comfy big chairs that encourage reading, and one big table the perfect height to work on school or projects.