More Work Spaces

Here are some more ideas how to integrate your work spaces with your decorating style. The 4 top ones are simple, affordable, yet stylish. All you need is a table. Add a couple of chairs. Add some fun pictures to give it character, and you have a great looking workspace. If you like shopping at garage sales, Craigslist, or consignment stores, you can easily do this under $100. The third picture shows what a difference a painted chair can make.

The 4 bottom ones are great solutions for small spaces.

Have a great weekend! I’ll be back on Monday.


More Work Spaces

Fun work spaces

As a home educator I am forever brainstorming how to integrate “my class room” into the rest of the house. How to blend the styles and have them be functional and pretty at the same time. However these ideas work in every home. No matter if you home-school or not learning should be encouraged. Every house should have spaces that encourage creativity, work, and learning. Here are some ideas I found on Pinterest. The first one is my favorite. This is what I envision for my front room. Lots of bookshelves smack full. Two super comfy big chairs that encourage reading, and one big table the perfect height to work on school or projects.