Taos Pueblo with Our Three Youngest

My mom is visiting us from Germany, so exiting! We decided to take her to Taos, New Mexico for the day. Taos is a great place to visit for many reasons, one is the Taos Pueblo. It is one of the oldest Native American villages that still has people living there. I like visiting there, because the village is a walk in museum that is pretty relaxed. Kids can run around freely, off limit areas are clearly marked.  Native Americans sell their home made wares and go about their business. They are friendly and don’t mind people asking questions.
Taos Pueblo is a village with houses, a church, a cemetery, little stores, and a stream flowing through (which was the highlight for my girls). I was told that 2-4 families still live there, all the others live somewhere else, because of the lack of electricity. The houses get handed down to the next generation.




PicMonkey Collage




On Lucy (left):
Dress: Old Navy
Bracelet: from the local toy store
Sunglasses: Fossil
On Tasha(middle):
Dress: from Mexico
Shoes: The Children’s Place
Bracelet: from the local toy store
Sunglasses: H&M
On Ella:
Top: Old Navy
Pants: hand me down, originally from the Children’s Place

Be sure to check their website or call before you go, because they close for ceremonies and funerals. If you like to know how we spend our whole day in Taos go here.

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Taos Pueblo with Our Three Youngest

Taos Pueblo


Taos Pueblo is oldest continuously inhabited community in the USA. The structure above is  approx. 1000 years old. People still live here, kids are out playing, people come and go.

I was surprised to see a church in the center. Today 3/4 of the population shares in some of the Catholic practices. I’m really drawn to the Catholic churches here in New Mexico. One of my goals is to photograph as many as possible.

IMG_6990 IMG_6949 IMG_6959

Taos Pueblo Church


Next we strolled through the village, where some Natives sell handmade goods. I bought a necklace made of corn. Tasha seemed to like it.

IMG_7008 IMG_7000 IMG_7015




“We have lived upon this land from days beyond history’s records, far past any living memory, deep into the time of legend. The story of my people and the story of this place are one single story. No man can think of us without thinking of this place. We are always joined together. “

Tribal Manifesto



All pictures taken by me with permission from the Tribe.


Taos Pueblo