Frankfurt Christmas Market


I have just gotten back from Germany and still relishing the sights and sounds of the Christmas markets there. The mulled wine, the fried breads, and pretzels. Bratwursts in every shape or form. Ginger breads, candied apples, chocolate covered marshmallows… If you are into Christmas, this is the time to go (if you don’t mind cold and cloudy days, and crowds of people…). The markets typically start in the last week of November, so airfares are really low for this time of year. Every town seems to have one; bigger cities like Frankfurt and Cologne have several. Castles often have their own little market on different weekends. I went to buy Christmas displays from the region Erzgebirge (high quality wooden handcrafted pieces), and to drink Gluehwein (mulled wine). Locals mostly go to eat at the food vendors. 🙂 Here are some pictures from Frankfurt.


Even Santa gets hungry sometimes…img_6150_mg_6703_mg_6707IMG_6152.jpg_mg_6700-1

There are children’s rides there, too. So it is really a place the whole family can enjoy. Just remember to dress warm.

Have you been? I hadn’t since I left Germany over 20 years ago. Being there again and smelling all these familiar smells send me down memory lane.

Have a wonderful Christmas season,





Frankfurt Christmas Market

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