What My Three Year Old is wearing this Early Fall 2014

I’m so exited to do another edition of “What My Three Year Old is Wearing”. I’m loving this one largely because during our summer trip to DC I had acces to some stores like Zara and H&M that we don’t have here. Believe me, I scanned every sale rack in those stores.

Outfit number 1: Shane made an appearance for this one, which always gets Tashi in a silly mood.

Fall outfit no 1

Blazer: Target

Pants: Zara

Top: H&M

Shoes: Puma

Outift number 2: I had to bribe her with some ice cream…:) I featured the dress and the pants last spring. As it gets colder I can add long sleeve layers under the dress.
fall outfit no 3Dress: Gap

Pants: Gap

Sandals: Old Navy

Jean Jacket: Old Navy

Outfit number 3: Around here we still have plenty warm days, so this outfit still works.
Fall outfit no.2


Jacket: Old Navy

Dress: H&M

Sandals: Old Navy

Outfit number 4:

outfit no 4Top: (thrifted) the Gap

Capris: (hand me down) Old Navy

Shoes: Puma

Notice there is a cat theme going on here, and this fall we are going monochrome?

I’d like to add here that everyone of these outfits was close to $20. With six kids and the four youngest getting fantastic hand-me-downs from the cousins, my budget for little Tashi is pretty close to zero. Most of my money is spend on the two oldest. However, if I happened to come by a $4 dress at H&M I just can’t resist…

Have a wonderful day,


Styling and photography by Sofija Burton



What My Three Year Old is wearing this Early Fall 2014

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