Rykiel Child Summer 2014


How are you doing? Is your school year almost done? Are you hanging in there? I have been posting less here because our lives have been full with friends visiting, baby showers, birthdays, and other festivities. However I am very active on Instagram, so you can follow along with us there.

This photo shoot in the streets of Paris caught my eye. I can’t say I care much for the Sonia Rykiel adult line, but the kid’s one is charming. Take a look.

rykiel6-480x640 rykiel3-480x640 rykiel1-480x640 rykiel2-480x640 rykiel4-480x640 rykiel5-480x640I like the 50’s vibe here. The last outfit is my favorite, along with that charming suitcase.

Have a lovely day,



Rykiel Child Summer 2014

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