How was your Easter? Ours was the most low key we ever had (it was “just” us), still I am always amazed how exhausting it was. I think largely because When we were still a small family I started a whole bunch of traditions that have become burdensome with 6 kids. The baskets, the egg hunt, the big meal, going to church all dressed up on a day when it is the most crowded. My husband has seen it for years, but I am a little late coming to the realization that we need to make things simpler. Not sure how yet; maybe I’ll have the kids vote on what traditions we keep, and what we can do without. I remember years ago when my husband’s family decided not to give gifts to the adults anymore. Though I was sad at first it ended up doing away with a lot of stress. How about you, do you ever rethink and adjust your traditions? Or is everything pretty much fine tuned and as smooth as can be? Or somewhere in between?
Have a lovely week,


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