Oilily Spring/Summer 2014

If you have been following this blog for a while you’ll know that I am a huge fan of Oilily, the quirky Dutch company. Their photo shoots never disappoint. Check out their spring/summer 2014 line.

oilily spring 2014, 1 oilily spring 2014, 2 oilily spring 2014, 3 oilily spring 2014, 4 oilily spring 2014, 5 oilily spring 2014, 6I love how they go all traditional with this line, adding their fun, colorful mismatchy touches they are known for. The red checkered cardigan is my favorite. And I am always a sucker for striped socks. The dutch clogs remind me of our first trip to Europe in 2000. Back then we only had one child (kind of hard to imagine). We dragged the poor kid all over Europe; he was barely two. We were in Holland for my friend’s wedding; and we had bought Finn a pair of the famous clogs. Back then he was really into shoes and he was so thrilled to clack around on cobble stone on a quiet Sunday morning. You could hear the him from far away. Funny the reaction we got from the locals. It was either “oh, how cute is he!”, or “look at these silly Americans!”.

You guys have a great day,


All pictures by Oilily

Oilily Spring/Summer 2014

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