Christmas Photo Shoot

Here is our 2013 Christmas photo shoot. It was very spontaneous, yet I am happy how it turned out. On Saturday we woke up to a new batch of snow. Emily was available to take pictures, so we decided to do it an hour later. The first one is so sweet. Tasha really wasn’t sure about this shoot; and she was cold when I took her jacket off. So she snuggled up against me to stay warm.


tasha with stocking

My vision for this shoot was to have the kids walking in the snow, pretending they are delivering walking

I didn’t really plan for these two crazies to take off with the wheelbarrow. Somehow Shane decided to push the wheelbarrow and Ella jumped in and the whole thing turned into a wild ride. I love when a shoot brings out the kid’s personalities. ella n shane i-29S8GKv wheelbarrow tasha tasha holding sign

It was Emily’s idea to have the kids stand in one line pretty much at the same spot we took pictures last year. I love the brightness and colors of this picture. burton kids christmas 2013Lastly a fun silly picture.

goofy pictureWhat a fun shoot! I had been wanting to do something like this every since I saw these photos.

Have a lovely day,


All pictures taken by Lonely Mountain Photography. Styling by Sofija Burton.

Christmas Photo Shoot

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