Catimini Fall/Winter 2013

Catimini is a French children’s designer who shot this year’s fall collection in London. Take a look.

Catamini-fall-2013-8-1024x767 Catamini-fall-2013-5-1024x763 Catamini-fall-2013-6-1024x680 Catamini-fall-2013-7-1024x683 Catamini-fall-2013-10-1024x767 Catamini-fall-2013-3-775x1024 Catamini-fall-2013-9-1024x768 Catamini-fall-2013-11-1024x769


Via Smudgetikka

I love everything about this, the setting, the Instagram feel, the fun tights and sweaters…The knit dress on the toddler girl would look great on my three year old. Their sizes span from 1 month to 14 years.

Have a lovely day,



Catimini Fall/Winter 2013

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