To do List


How is your summer going? We have been to the pool and went on our fun one day trip to Taos but other than that I have a to do list that is a mile long. When I school the kids during the year this stuff just doesn’t get done. Curious what’s on that list? Take a look.

This is only half of my list:

  • Clean blinds downstairs and upstairs.
  • Clean behind fridge.
  • Clean laundry room.
  • Close holes in walls and paint over it.
  • Organize school books.
  • Plan next school year.
  • Teach our 15 year old to drive.
  • Teach our 7 year old to swim.
  • Teach my 9 year old to swim 25 meters.
  • Potty train our 2 year old.
  • Go through that pile pictured above

It is overwhelming for me just to look at. I try to do one major cleaning/organizing a week  and at least one trip to the pool. I also plan for one family outing and one meeting with friends. I wonder what I will be doing with my summers when everyone can swim and is potty trained?

This is probably why I am glad when the summer is over and we can get back to normal life.

How about you, is your list even longer? Or do you relax and enjoy a long vacation?

Have a great day,


This is what I was doing this time last year, while my husband (bless his heart) stayed home with 4 kids and did all the cleaning.



To do List

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