Castle Ronneburg


I’m back from my vacation to Germany. I went to visit my family; but for my 8 year old, who learned about medieval history last year, I called it  “end of the year class trip”.  I wanted him to see a real castle, built in 1213. So my sister took us outside of Frankfurt to castle Roneburg. I grew up with these castles all around me, but it was a whole new experience seeing it as an adult.

Here is my son Shane (to the right) with his German cousin sitting on a cannon. They had so much fun running around; we came early enough to have the place to ourselves.

Here he is being publicly shamed.

One of the great halls used for feasts.

As a wanna be writer this writing desk is so appealing. It might just compel you to put your laptop aside and write a hand written letter once again…

Had we come a few days later there would have been reenactments, bow and arrow shootings, medieval music, and much much more.

So, if you find yourself in the neighborhood, you must go and see it. I surely will schedule my next visit around their festivals, and I would bring my 14 old son who could identify all the weapons displayed there.



Castle Ronneburg

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