What to do with Vacation Mementos

As I mentioned yesterday I am in serious vacation mode. I’m a sucker for foreign train ticket stubs, park entrance tickets, etc. Really anything they hand to me, I have a hard time letting go of. Maybe some of you are like that, too. In that case  the ideas above might be useful to you. I used to be an avid scrapbook-er, so the first  ones appeal to me. However over time, as I got more and more behind, I switched to going all digital . Now, if I want to remember special visits with my kids and their cousins I use Shutterfly to lay out my book, and get it printed. The last one is a book I made for my nephew after he visited us 5 years ago.

Who knows, when I come back from Germany with a gazillion train tickets I might ask my crafty 11 year old to make me cute book like the one pictured on the very top.

How about you, what do you with your vacation memories? Do you fill a jar with sand to remember a certain beach? Or do you fill shadow boxes with European pub coasters? I’d love to hear.

What to do with Vacation Mementos

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