Church in the Mountains


A few weeks ago my husband took me shopping for my birthday. We took the scenic route to Santa Fe through the mountains. One thing I love about New Mexico are the little quaint churches in every town. This one is in a ghost town, and the church is all that is left. Take a look.

IMG_5304 IMG_5302 IMG_5297 IMG_5318 IMG_5309 IMG_5316 IMG_5306 IMG_5322

I think it is in Golden, near the quirky hippy town of Madrid, if you ever want to venture there. As I make my way through New Mexico I plan on taking pictures of the little churches in remote places.

Have a lovely day,


Church in the Mountains

2 thoughts on “Church in the Mountains

  1. Kristi @ The Potter's Hand Academy says:

    Wow, that’s just beautiful. Beyond beautiful. I am surprised by snow in New Mexico, but it really does add to the ambiance. Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. Thank you Kristi. We are fortunate to get some snow in most of New Mexico (just enough to enjoy it, but not so much that you actually have to shovel). This was taken in the mountains; they get a lot more snow.

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