Guess Who Came by Last Night?

Do you have a favorite Christmas tradition? One of mine is St. Nik’s visit on December 6th. Children set out their boots before dark and then they wait for St. Nik to fill them.


Our children only get to put one shoe out so they make sure they find the biggest boot they own with plenty space to fill. Here we have all six shoes.


After dark the shoes get mysteriously filled. There is always a big chocolate Nikolaus, some chocolate coins, and one or two toys.

IMG_1088St Nik brought my 8 year old a cap gun with caps.


Usually there is a loud knock on the door to announce St. Nik’s arrival. However last night the family ran an errand and when they came back they found their shoes filled. I had stayed home cooking and I reported that in fact there was a rather loud knock.

It is always a mystery to my children why St. Nik only comes to our house but not the neighbor’s.


Guess Who Came by Last Night?

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