German School Supplies


it is almost August and school is on my mind big time. Everywhere you shop you are bombarded with school supplies. Personally I am going to wait until the day when you can buy tax free, but during my recent visit to Germany they had school supplies available at a deep discount. So I went to town and bought some items I can’t get here. Take a look:

German kids keep all their writing utensils neatly organized in these. Everything has its place: the ruler, the markers, pencil sharpener, etc. You can buy markers individually as you run out of them.

Kids write their schedule on the white paper.

After second grade children write with these ink pens exclusively. Getting used to these takes some practice but is sure makes your handwriting look better.

The water colors from Pelikan are my favorite. The colors are so vibrant and they come with a white paste that lets you mix your own colors in the white spaces on top. Of course you can replace single colors. 🙂 And you wonder why Germans are so exact and organized….

How about you, are you exited about the new school year or is it coming way too fast? When do you do all your supply shopping?


German School Supplies

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