Make This: Christmas Banner

christmas banner

I made this banner originally for a Christmas card photo shoot. But it makes a nice decoration piece for your home, too. It is really easy to make, the only thing that took a little time was hand stitching the triangles to the cord. Had I glued them it would have been much faster and I could have done it in one afternoon. I am not much of a seamstress and not a super crafty person. So if I can make this, so can you. IMG_8457 IMG_8458 IMG_8460 IMG_8464 IMG_8467

Here is what I used: a roll of Jute twine (got it real cheap at Hobby Lobby). A yard of muslin for the letters and a fat quarter of red material to separate the words. I cut the triangles free hand, but Hobby Lobby sells packets of them if you need a template.


I bought a red fabric marker and wrote the letters on the triangles. Make sure you have an old magazine under your muslin when you write on it with the marker. The marker will bleed through the material and stain whatever is under it.


I used the blanket stitch to sew the triangles onto the twine. I thought it would look classy. But gluing them with fabric glue would have been faster and easier. IMG_8169 IMG_8172Here is what I would do differently next time. I would not leave any spaces between the letters. The banner is quite long and this would shorten it considerably.

Materials needed:

Jute twine

1 yard of muslin

1 fat quarter of red material

1 fabric marker

red thread or fabric glue

fabric scissors


rotary cutter

cutting mat

If you just buy the essentials I would estimate this project to cost less than $15.

Happy crafting,



Make This: Christmas Banner

A Handmade Christmas

Hi there,

Are you busy shopping? Or are you scrambling to find the right gift for your mom, friend, sister, daughter? I have two talented friends who might be able to help you out.

My friend Ginny makes beautiful bead work. I get to watch her sometimes. She works meticulously and puts a lot of thought and effort into her pieces. She grew up in Kenya so a lot of her work is influenced by African art.



The earrings cost $25, the bracelet $90, and the bangles $45. You can buy them here.


Next I like to introduce you to my friend Chrissy. She is from Germany. I have been admiring her stained glass jewelry for some time now. The butterfly is my favorite.

I haven’t decided which one is cuter, the hat or her daughter?

You can buy her goods here. The butterfly necklace costs $80, the octopus hat $50, the felt advent calendar $55, and the bird pendant $35.

They have a lot more in their shops. Be sure to check them out.



A Handmade Christmas