Fall in my Backyard

IMG_8130This is the view from my balcony. We are blessed and did nothing to deserve it…

On another note, we are still recovering from Thursdays festivities… For some reason I was more conscious of my neighbors further away from us this year while trick or treating. I noticed we have a lot more elderly than I realized. I saw one older women who was taking care of a quadriplegic adult. Now I wonder how we can offer help in a non intrusive kind of way… Makes me think of some friends at our church who have been faithfully delivering Meals on Wheels for years with their kids in tow. That is an easy way to connect with the elderly and brighten their day. How about you, do you have a chance to interact with much older people?

Have a lovely weekend,





Fall in my Backyard

4 thoughts on “Fall in my Backyard

  1. Kate says:

    That is awesome that you are looking for a way to help other. I especially like your consideration of being “non-intrusive”. It is so important to respect other’s feelings – even those we are trying to help. I’m sure that some elderly folks would be blessed by being around you and your beautiful children!

  2. Honestly, I do not have many opportunity’s to interact with older persons. We are hardly in one place, for very long. Sometimes, we will meet people, some elderly, along our travels, but I have yet to notice any that needed our help. Thanks for an eye opening post. It makes me want to be more aware, of people around me. BTW, What a Beautiful view 🙂

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