Home-school Statistics


I honestly don’t think that home-schooling is the only option. I think there are really wonderful private, public, and charter schools. I have been home-schooling for 8 years and it has not been easy. That said I also believe that home-schooling is a really good option and paving the way for a better way to educate in our country and hopefully in the world. The chart above proves that you don’t need a lot of money. Home-schoolers spend on average $500 a year and score in the upper 80th percentile in state testing. Our state spends $5000 per student a year and ranks very low nation wide. I think this is good news for the rest of the world who don’t have thousands of dollars to educate their children.

But here is how I hope that home-schooling will change how we educate our children. Home-schoolers educate individuals, not masses. They understand that every child is different, learns at a different pace and in a different way. It allows for children to take longer to learn to read or understand a certain math concept.  At the same time they don’t need to get bored with concepts they already understand.

What do you think? Has this chart answered some of the questions you had? Did anything surprise you?


Chart found via http://www.topmastersineducation.com/homeschooled/

Home-school Statistics

Khan Academy



Have you heard about Khan Academy? It is an incredible resource for anyone, school kids, home-school kids, adults. If you would like to learn something, refresh your memory on that one topic, brush up on your math skills, go to Khan Academy. Their videos are conveniently short, about 10 minutes each. Most of us can find 10 minutes here and there, right? Our kids have used Khan Academy for Math. Sal, the founder, has the nicest voice and explains everything patiently. As a teacher I can keep track of my student’s progress. They cover every math topic from 3rd grade and up.

I have listened to some art lessons. There are tons of history, science, and economics lessons as well. Like I said, anything you want to learn, for free.

Have you used Khan Academy? Was it helpful?

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Khan Academy