Downton Abbey


Are you ready for season 3? If you haven’t seen season 1 and 2 you have until Sunday before season 3 begins.

Not sure what draws me most to the show. Maggie Smiths’ wit and one liners. Sympathizing with an aristocratic family who might loose their vast estate. Watching the family adapt to changes in society (my favorite is the butler trying to get used to the telephone).  The intimate relationships between the aristocrats and their servants. Or the fact that all the pictured people are main characters, leaving you many options to identify with. Add to that superb style and fashion and a beautiful setting in the English country side.

In season one and two the writer has imparted moral constraints in their characters. I appreciate when a show does not assume that infidelity is O.K. and normal. I hope it stays like that.

You know what I will be watching this Sunday night.

Have a lovely day,


Downton Abbey