Countdown Till Christmas

24 days


How was your Thanksgiving? Ours was nice and kind of quiet, “just” the 8 of us, which I realize is the size of some extended families…

I woke up this morning and realized it is December 1st already! Wow! One of my favorite traditions growing up in Germany is the observance of Advent. Counting the 24 days till Christmas (German celebrate Christmas on the 24th) was a big deal and always involved lighting of candles, singing carols, and lots of chocolate along the way. This year I would like to do a countdown on this blog featuring most of my children. I will regularly (but probably not daily) post pictures of them with a sign telling you how many days till Christmas.

I hope you will enjoy it.


In case you are curious what my other favorite German Christmas tradition are.



Countdown Till Christmas

It’s Starting to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Happy first December!

The kids opened the first door of their chocolate advent calendar, and we bought a tree. Feels like we accomplished a lot today. It might look like we had a lot of helpers decorating the tree, but really it was my 11 year old and I doing the hard work. The little girls only showed up for the easy part…
IMG_5178IMG_5177 - Version 2IMG_5215IMG_5221IMG_5211IMG_5212IMG_5204Looking forward to tomorrow. We are taking all six kids to a concert. Our friend Andy is playing guitar for the band Future of Forestry  They doing their advent tour and playing in Albuquerque tomorrow. If you live in town go check it out.

Have a great first Advent!





It’s Starting to Look a Lot Like Christmas