I have inundated you with pictures of Croatia from my recent trip to Europe, but I haven’t told you that we spend one day in Italy. When you stay in northern Croatia, the border to Italy is about one hour away. So, in other words, you get in your car and in one hour you could be sipping expresso on the Italian Coast. I know, what a hardship!


venice st marco

venice, realto bridge


st marco plaza, venice

st marco, canal

venice, grand canal

Not sure if you have noticed that the pictures on top are looking into Venice from the outside. I would have not gotten those had I not gotten into the wrong boat. 🙂 The right boat would have taken us through the Grand Canal where you get those close up views below (we got those shots by walking from St.Marco church all the way back to where you come in). Sometimes it pays to be an ignorant tourist…

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P.S. These pictures were the first I took with my Canon Rebel shooting in Raw. Shooting in raw means your pictures tend to be colorless and by editing them you bring out the colors you want. This is also my first time editing eith Adobe Lightroom thanks to my friend Emily, who has been encouraging me to do so. I feel like I have come a long way…but have a long way to go. At least I’m getting closer to the point where I can transform my pictures closer to the look I have in mind. Small steps…


Croatia Continued

Here are is my Croatia 2000 trip part 2. You can find part 1 here.

First a few pictures taken at my mom’s house with views of the Adriatic sea…


From my mom’s balcony we can see all the way to the nearby port town of Rijeka.027_23A 007_3A 037_33A

Next up are pictures from our visit to a nearby town Mošćenička Draga, the best kept secret in Croatia. A little town south of Opatja. The drive there alone is beautiful, winding close to the shore and through some hills. The town is small, has a beautiful pebble beach, and here comes the best, restaurants right by the water. Below we are eating ice cream at the beach. If I didn’t have free lodging at my mom’s I would probably stay here.

yummy ice cream

023_20A 024_21AIt was so relaxing and beautiful. I suggest going there in May as we did; I imagine this place fills up quick during high season.

This concludes my posts on Croatia.

This was probably the last trip I took pictures on film with our Cannon Rebel camera.


Croatia Continued

Opatja, Croatia

018_14AThere is a place in Europe that is so beautiful yet hardly known. Growing up I spend many summers there, because my family leaves nearby. Opatja is a small town on the Adriatic coast. It has changed hands frequently in the past. It has been part of Italy, former Yugoslavia, and now it is part of Croatia. Because of its history it has an Italian look and feel to it. That is what gives its flair. These pictures were taken in 2000, when I took my husband and then 2 year old son on their first trip to Europe. I dug these pictures out of my closet today and I am reliving the memory of this special trip.


Opatja sits right on the Adriatic sea and has pebbled beaches and pedestrian walk ways all along the shore. I have fond memories of walking, walking, and walking (it’s a European thing), for miles, passing hotels, restaurants, and even an open air movie theatre. Here is the beach more known to the locals.


I love walking though these narrow streets that only aunt size cars can navigate. Looking at these old houses, with crumbling facades, and old doors.


After all that bragging about walking, here we are in a water taxi (a first for me). Taking in the scenery a little faster. Behind my husband is the center of Opatja, with the big hotels, where most of the tourists hang out.

Gosh, I am fond of these two. 019_15A

A local church in town.

034_30AA local woman selling hand made lace, something Croatians are known for. Traditionally women wear black for one year when they mourn the death of a parent or spouse. I don’t remember my grandma ever wearing anything but black.

Here is the center where local vendors sell merchandise, or local artist draw tourists. Everything is within walking distance from here: Shops, restaurants (do try the local filled pastry called Burek), coffee shops, galleries, parks, etc.
033_29A 2

What do you think? Will you add Croatia to your itinerary on your next trip to Europe? I highly recommend it. People are very friendly, and they try to speak your language more than in Italy or France.

Do let me know when you are going, I will have a shopping list for you.


Opatja, Croatia