Exploring Taos Pueblo and the Gorge With my Youngest

School is starting up again in my part of the world. Before we go back to shuttling kids and preparing lessons we decided to take one last trip to Taos. We took our Canadian friends who had not been to the Taos Pueblo. Only our youngest came along. She travels really well and generally makes herself at home anywhere. Watching her play at the Pueblo made me think of how children might have grown up there.


Currently only 10 families still live in the Pueblo. However lots of tribe members live outside but keep homes for ceremonies and for selling hand made jewelry, pottery, dream catchers, and other things. Thankfully, one person was selling lemonade, as it was getting quiet warm while we were there.  IMG_3211IMG_3217IMG_3229


She kept running from shop to shop chatting with the store owners…IMG_3239

The logs were a favorite…IMG_3248IMG_3252

After touring the Pueblo we headed to the Rio Grande River Gorge. On the way is the Taos Mesa Brewery, a really fun quirky place out in the middle of nowhere, with good food. And for  people like me, they have good cider, too. We happened to be there while life music was playing.


The Gorge. As seen from the bridge.


Not for the faint of heart…Hold on to your children!! Do not drop your lap dogs…

Lots of vendors along the road. But my favorite is this traveling bus/coffee shop.



A huge thanks to my husband for driving us 6+ hours and for being a great tour guide!! You are the best!

After the Gorge we took the High Road to Taos back to show our friends Chimayo. And we had some appetizers at the famous Rancho de Chimayo restaurant. A super cozy place. My husband bought their cook book so I can expect home-made chili sauce in my near future….


If you don’t mind being gone all day, this is how you can do Taos is one day. I have to say though, my favorite place to eat lunch in Taos is at the Bavarian.

Hope you all have a great start into the new school year!!


Tashi is wearing a dress from H&M, shoes from the Children’s Place.





Exploring Taos Pueblo and the Gorge With my Youngest

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