Children of the Tribe SS 2015

I found a new Australian children’s clothing company, and I’m hooked. The creative scene in Australia seems to be ever growing, or at least I am slowly finding out about it. Children of the Tribe is from Byron Bay and it embodies everything I heard from my Australian friend’s travels there: creative, artsy, a little bit of boho, and the wild and free surfer existence.







Makes you want to raise your children in Byron Bay. If you have been reading this blog for a while you might know that I pick fashion collections based on photo shoots that convey more than the newest style. They inspire children to be free and curious and playful. I have been struggling with over-scheduling for the entire time I had children. Every summer I get the urge to sign my kids up for swim team, camps, and other really good things, for fear of them becoming too bored or be behind in society. Photos shoots like this encourage me to be a little less scheduled and a little more creative. And yes, living in Byron Bay would help. 🙂
Have an unscheduled day,
Photography by Carly Brown for Children of the Tribe. Found via Petit and Small.

Children of the Tribe SS 2015

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