21 Days…

Are you baking yet? Writing Christmas cards? I am one of those rare people who still writes hand written Christmas cards. Yes baby, all by hand, with a personal message. Mostly to my family and friends back in the old country. Everybody here is up to date, thanks to Facebook and Instagram. I have tried to stop writing handwritten cards, especially since my handwriting is for the most part undecipherable (ask my husband), but I can’t. There is just something so personal about that, someone taking the time to put ink to paper, smudges and all, and no autocorrect. I have been using a lot of whiteout…but aren’t those cards and letters a beautiful thing to hang on to? You can stack them up and put a ribbon around them and hold on to them forever. Not something I would do with e-mail messages…
Have a wonderful day,

21 Days…

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