Pierrot la Lune Spring Summer 2014

I’d like to introduce you to a new children’s company from Denmark (the Danes never disappoint in all matter of design, don’t they?), Pierrot la Lune. The founder Emilie Ventujol combines timeless, classic pieces, that remind you of your Italian nona’s baby pictures, with Indian block printing adapted to modern tastes. Take a look.

13894390011024Session232725 Untitled Session232759 1389774533Untitled Session232147 1389773872Untitled Session233289 1389774622Untitled Session232353 Untitled Session233053 1389773990Untitled Session232828 1389774900Untitled Session232517-2 Untitled Session233456What a beautiful photo shoot in the Italian country side! As a mother of four girls I appreciate timeless pieces, as they can be handed down easily. And if they are lose and comfortable, even better. I would love the dresses in size 3 and 6, and 8, please! The shop carries boys and girls clothes sizes 2-10.

Have a lovely day,



Pierrot la Lune Spring Summer 2014

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