Finn’s First Trip to Europe

finn in frankfurt black&white

My little man turns 16 today, hard to believe! I went through some old pictures and thought I could share some more pictures from our epic Europe trip back in 2000. Way back when we only had one child. We schlepped the poor kid all over Europe; he was barely 2. We went to Germany (Frankfurt, Duesseldorf, Bavaria, and the Black Forest), Holland, and Croatia. Needles to say  he is not always happy on the pictures.

Here he is with us near Nuernberg. We were staying with my friend Chrissy’s family and had just climbed up some little peak. Love the hat David is wearing.

family hike


In the next picture we are in Croatia enjoying some ice cream right by the Adriatic Sea. Good times. You can find more Croatia pictures here and here.

yummy ice cream

The next one is pretty self explanatory…Silly Americans!! We were in Holland for my friend from high-school’s wedding.

Burtons in a shoe

The next one is one of my favorites, Finn and his new friend. We were somewhere near Duesseldorf.


Next some pictures with my family. Here is my beautiful sister. These two were quite the pair. My sister took him shopping and Finn loved tagging along with her and her friends.


And my mom. He got the special treatment from Oma which involved lots of trips to the park, ice cream, and a brand new tricycle.

finn &oma


I get nostalgic every time I look at these.

These were the last pictures we took on a non digital Canon camera, but we had them digitalized right away.

Have a great day,


If you like travel posts, here are two from a more recent trip two years ago: an old castle and our visit to the Playmobil Park.



Finn’s First Trip to Europe

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