Scotch and Soda Kids Spring/Summer 2014

Scotch and Soda is a company from Amsterdam. Their clothes range from ages 4-12. Take a look. girls-lookbook-10-portrait (1)

girls-lookbook-6-portraitboys-lookbook-17-portrait girls-lookbook-4-portrait girls-lookbook-3-portrait boys-lookbook-12-portrait girls-lookbook-5-portrait girls-lookbook-8-portrait boys-lookbook-6-portrait girls-lookbook-18-portraitI like the combination of ethnic, tropical, folklore, and big graphic prints. I wish they had the toggle coat in my size (top picture). The boy’s outfit (6th picture from the top) would look so good on my ten year old. If he would still let me dress him…

Happy St. Patricks day! Have you been pinched yet?



Scotch and Soda Kids Spring/Summer 2014

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